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Buddha and his Dhamma have clearly explained that Life is Suffering in the well-know 4 Noble Truths and taught all of us the 8 Noble Path to End SufferingWhat is Suffering in Modern life? Work stress, Unhappy relationships, Diseases , Fear and Worries, Discontent
8 Noble path is right view , right intention , right speech , right action , right livelihood, right effort , right concentration and right mindfulness .
We are so busy in our modern life that, we want somebody to keep helping us day to day to practice 8 noble path in a easy and practical and fun way. This app serves exactly that!
Features include- Videos of "Buddhism for beginners" and "noble eight fold path"- 8 Noble path Test and Test Reports Database- Your Buddhism Practice status at any point in time in the form of Buddha Dharma Wheel- Many Buddha Quotes and you can add more- Dhamma Tips and you can add your own- Ability to set reminders , so that you can remain focused.- Share images/status/quotes/tips/test reports via email/facebook...
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It is highly beneficial to acquaint with Lord Buddha Teachings and be rightly aligned with the Wheel of, don't miss this opportunity !